HT Center has passed strict examination of professional medical treatment

About us

For many years, Chongkin has been providing clients with health management consulting services, and we have accumulated health examination experiences that are both solid and practical. Our clients range from the biggest traders in the world to international pharmaceutical, financial and high-tech industries that have long-term and friendly relationships with HT center.

We focus on the field of preventive medicine and have served lots of enterprise-level and well-known clients. We thoroughly understand your needs! As a result, we have recruited professional medical physicians, purchased top-class medical equipments, designed smooth process flows, to create a Japanese style environment that is extremely elegant and noble. Additionally, we completely separate the medical examination procedures from the treatment processes, which effectively eliminate risks associated with possible healthcare-associated infections!

Our advantages

  • Experienced health diagnoses service
  • International approved test quality
  • Strong and professional work teams
  • The latest medical equipment technology
  • Professional trace management of medical treatment
  • Comfortable and elegant oriental atmosphere
  • Speedy and convenient transportation
  • Co-working locations around Taiwan

Professional medical treatment and examination

Our professional medical teams comprise certified and experienced physicians in the fields of Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Family Medicine, Radiology, Urology, and Otolaryngology. They all have practiced in major university hospitals, medical centers, and national hospitals. We require that all medical procedures, such as diagnoses, equipment operations, and image interpretation, performed only by experienced physicians. Number of patients treated per day is never their priority. They listen attentively, communicate patiently with customers, and ensure that each customer fully understands diagnosed results

Choosing Chongkin and a whole medical team will standby exclusively for you!

We operate only the most precise medical equipment and use reagents from renowned pharmaceutical companies to identify all possible focuses of infection. By accurately assessing results from full-range medical examinations performed for you, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of your body status, along with necessary cares and

appropriate tracking initiatives required.

All instruments and equipments have been qualified by NHA, and passed FDA and CE safety qualifications. We never take diagnoses lightly, and we treat them as if they are part of your body. By carefully performing professional medical diagnosing procedures, we will be able to accurately provide you with the most solid and meaningful statistics.

We insist on providing services with the highest standard

We insist on providing only the professional health examination services that comply with the highest standard in Taiwan. Many services we designed become the trend and standards that the industry is benchmarking against! We take your diet plan very seriously and we serve only health cuisines that are both environmentally friendly and energy conservation. Cost is not our main concern, and we only serve Japanese style meals, that are rich in fiber, contain low calories, and are aimed to boost your energy and make you healthier.

More thorough and complete medical follow-up care.

Female waiting areas allow you to avoid embarrassing situations.

HT Center is located in a transportation hub in the Chung Shan area with many bus lines, public and private parking lots, and MRT at the Muzha line in Chung Shan middle school station. This connects to the downtown areas of Taipei, Neihu, and the Nankang Technology Park.

Taipei City 104 Fuxing N Road #378, Shinya Building B1

TEL: (02)5556-6789


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